REO Advisory & Debt Restructuring Group

Reo Advisory

reo_imgThe N12 Investments’ REO advisory team provides assistance for the liquidation of a bulk loan sale for commercial and/or residential mortgage back securities. N12 Investments can assist financial institutions, increase profitability and reduce risk by offering comprehensive loan sale advisory services that create liquidity for an institution’s balance sheet. N12 Investments’ network of investors and selected funds can be a venue for the liquidation and purchase of non-performing, and REO portfolios.

We aim to assist you through every phase of the loan sale process, beginning with a well-informed perspective of the local market and a true vision of your disposition of what the commercial real estate market will bear. Our constant and ongoing evaluation of current market trends help you determine when and how to sell the troubled portfolio. N12 Investments’ REO advisory has one clear objective: To help you achieve maximum value for your loan portfolios through the knowledge of investor tolerance and the appetite of the local market as well as the secondary market.

To inquire more about any of our REO portfolios or acquisition of any loan pool, please contact us at

Debt Restructuring Group

debt_imgCommercial Debt Restructuring is a complicated and time consuming process. N12 Investments can assist developers and commercial property owners through chapter 11 bankruptcy consulting, financing, and underwriting. We work closely with a firm that consists of associates statewide who specialize in the real estate bankruptcy field. The primary focus of the organization is the restructuring of debt and the negotiation of principal note reductions and rate reductions through the federal bankruptcy court.

The most common route a developer or commercial property owner takes is when filing for chapter 11 is “turning the keys” over to the bankruptcy attorneys and having the chapter 11 run exclusively by legal counsel. N12 Investments can assist you through this process in conjunction with our experience partners whom are all experts in all facets of chapter 11 reorganizations with experienced bankruptcy attorneys to facilitate the negotiation with your lender in a more efficient manner and an economical way with your existing lender.

N12 Investments have teamed up with a principal group that has written over 200 chapter 11 reorganization plans and are experts in the techniques that should be deployed on your behalf to maximize the opportunities gained over your creditors once a chapter 11 has been filed. In addition of having a collective seventy years of real estate investment, developments, underwriting, and finance experience, N12 Investments can bring tremendous value in negotiation process for developers and commercial property owners. We welcome the opportunity to assist developers and commercial property owners in more economical and efficient ways in restricting their commercial loan portfolio. For further information, please contact us for a free consultation at